• How To Export Images
• How To Change Color
• How To Edit Product Mockup Cover
• How To Install And Use Custom Fonts

How To Export Images

Almost every .PSD in each module is web-sliced already and well organized, so You can save each images in easy way. Here is the tutorial how to export images :

Step 1 :

Open one of the .PSD file to Adobe Photoshop, for example I am opening the 'guarantee badges'.

Press Ctrl + H and You can see the slicing border in the graphics.

Step 2 :

Go to File >> Save for Web & Devices (or you can use keyboard shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S )

Step 3 :

In the right corner, You can choose the image format (JPEG, GIF, PNG) and you can also set the quality of the images, and set the destination.

Step 4 :

You can see if the images is already sliced one by one.

How To Change Color

In most module using a vector in each layer, so You can easily change the color that You wanted. Here's a short tutorial how to change the color :

Step 1 :

For example, I am opening the file 'text styles 2'. I am trying to change the color in the word 'Social'

Step 2 :

Click on the color box in the bottom left.

for example I am choosing purple color

Step 3 :

Hit the Alt + Del to apply the color, simply like that.

You can applied unlimited numbers of color for any shape / background / text, or everything.

How To Edit Product Mockup Cover

There is a product mockup ecover with type of DVD Case, book, membership card, and a box. Here is the tutorial how to edit the cover with your own images.

Step 1 :

For example, I am choosing the 'dvd-rom mockup'.

Icon and 'EDITABLE' word is the layer that You'll edit in here.

Step 2 :

I will starting to edit the front cover, double click on the icon

Then, it will be open a new document and You can edit the front cover.

Step 3 :

For example, I am creating the design like this :

Save the document using Ctrl + S and go back to the previous document to see the changes

I am creating the side cover and CD cover and this is the final result :

How To Install And Use Custom Fonts

In the fonts module, You'll need to install custom fonts to your computer. The fonts resource is used to make a signature font and handwritten font.

Step 1 :

After you download the fonts, copy the font files by doing right click and choose copy or You can use shortcut Ctrl + C

Step 2 :

Browse using explorer and go to C:\Windows\Fonts

and Paste the files in there by using Ctrl + V

a new fonts is already installed and you can use it now.


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