14 variety of order buttons with different styles and modern design to attract more visitors to purchase Your product in your website.
2 creative variations of Blecher Buttons. Comes in vector shape. Fully editable to change colors or editing text.
8 Guarantee Seal with various shape. Designed with a customizable set of organized layer to use it for Your website.
Guarantee Certificate to give assurance to product and services for businesses. Comes in 3 variations to match your style.
2 High Quality Comparison, ideal for use on a web hosting, resellers company or as price comparison tables.
If You have an income screenshot and want to show it nicely, you can use this 4 Screenshot Border with attractive skin and border.
14 Great sticker and badge to be used with a text or price. You’ll find these shapes extremely flexible and easy to edit the colors.
Collection of numbers You can use to showing a countdown timer or be used for a feature in a product.
Other design from the previous version. All elements is shape layers, which allows color editing and size adjustment.
This is a pack of 8 creative shadows. The layers is very well organized and You can make your graphic boxes unique by that.
A set of 6 highlight graphic element to use in your headlines or subheadlines. Provided in 3 different sizes with the finest level of detail.
13 Vector dividers / separators for multiple purposes in Your design. Easily editable to change the color or make it longer or shorter.
High Quality minisite template with a light wood as a background and a paper as the main salesletter..
Second minisite template with a type of futuristic arround the border and a dark color in the background.
Very simple minisite template with a solid color for both background and content.
Minisite template with an envelope as the based idea and light blue with a cloud as the background.
Dark and mysterious template with a chain to handle the content and dark rock as a background.
4 type of credit cards to be used in the order button. Provided in well organized layers and different sizes as well.
a set of Fonts reference that I am always used in my design to create a signature design.
a set of Handwrittern Fonts reference that I am always used for my clients in their salesletter.
6 professional design for One-Time-Offer graphic to be used in the upsell page or downsell page.
3 step-by-step panels design style for 3 step processes. Make any process look easy with the number panels.
21 amazing looking realistic doodle design contains arrows, scribble, stars, and lines.
Standard Squeeze page with 1 column for the video / content description and 1 sidebar with an optin column.
The other version from Squeeze Page 1 with the same layout but different styles and design.
Squeeze Page with 3 column, 2 sidebar besides the main content in the left and right side and the main content in the middle.
1 column squeeze page standard to put all informations like video, content, dan optin form, everything in one column.
Just like the previous version, the 2 column Squeeze Page, but this squeeze page template is more simple and minimalist.
Squeeze Page featuring a small video above the optin box and main content in the left column.
A wider Squeeze Page template design with the optin below the main content, and fit enough to put product / mockup cover.
Regular Squeeze Page with a headline title above, and the content in the left column and optin page in the right column.
Very simple and famous Squeeze Page based on Double Your Dating Squeeze Page..
Another minimalist design, a regular layout Squeeze Page with 2 column for main content in the left side and optin page in the right side.
Makes beatifull 3D web 2.0 look in a few seconds using this Photoshop action scripts that will make your text stand out and amaze its viewers.
A set of Photoshop Text Styles to make your text amazing. Just load up the styles and away you go!
A cool, fresh look when using this Photoshop text styles. Easily colors editable and sample text in .PSD is also provided.
The third package of Photoshop Text Styles to give a nice look & definition text for your website or any design projects.
Collection of web ribbons contain 8 style you can use in your website. Fully editable, easy color changeable ribbon to impress your clients.
9 different style of web ribbon to combined with other graphic stuff, like boxes, screenshots, mockup ecover products, etc.
13 variety of powerful banner with various size (leaderboard, banner, skyscraper, rectangle, vertical, Square)
A set of rating stars for your rating system on your website. Easily create your own color and fully well organized layered & grouped.
5 sample of headline graphic to give a good first impression to Your visitors to stay on Your website and read Your salesletter.
3 order button / blecher button with more variations. Well organized and easily to edit the colors or editing the text.
High quality DVD-Case with a DVD-ROM Mockup design. Using the flexibility of smart objects to work faster rather than use of actions!
Realistic Book Mockup design modified by Smart Object. Features : 300 dpi resolutions, group organnized and editable Layers.
Modern and professional business card mockup design. All you have to do is to edit the content in smart objects and paste your design in there.
Realistic 3d box mockup design. Easily edited via Smart Object. Fully layered, based on regular box proportions.
60 bulletpoint graphic to bring these lists with more attactive icons.
Powerful header graphic for your website. Very flexible to change the shape, colors or text. Comes in 5 different style.
Minisite template 1 : a healthy niche theme including the graphic elements (banners, ecover, order button, etc.)
Minisite template 2 : Dating niche site with a romatic colors, flexible and easy to edit for your own needs.
Minisite template 4 : Secret or misterious template with a default dark color, all graphic elements is provided.
Minisite template 5 : Real Estate template with a light blue sky color and brighter color.
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